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colour study | alana bloom + red

When Alana wears red, it associates mainly with Will and her feelings for him, whether romantic or simply concern for his well-being. She wears red in her very first appearance, and coincidentally it is in the scene where she is talking about Will with Jack and telling him not to endanger him. Most of her first scenes with Will are when she wears red, either when she is around him physically or when she is discussing him with others. Throughout both seasons, red is symbolic to show that Alana is on Will’s side, such as when she yells at Jack for getting Will too close, or tearfully reassuring Will that she will take care of his dogs. When his actions begin to drive her away, she wears less red and more blue (blue being associated with Hannibal) as she changes sides between Will and Hannibal. Interestingly, the scene in Sorbet when Alana is in the kitchen with Hannibal, her shirt is both red and blue; despite the flirtation and familiarity of their exchanges, Hannibal points out that Alana ultimately brings the topic back to Will.

In the first season, red also associates Alana with Abigail and her wanting to genuinely help and comfort her, as opposed to studying her behavior as a suspect for Jack. She also wears red when she is with Hannibal discussing Abigail’s well-being and voicing her own opinions and concerns about her. Consequently, both after Abigail’s death and Will being in custody, Alana wears red less frequently, only in scenes where she is still more or less on Will’s side, such as helping with his trial as a potential witness, with Jack to inform Will on Beverly’s death, and continuing to encourage him in hopes that he can recover.






the buugeng is a type of s-staff.

to the best of my knowledge, it is used to engage in geometric visual warfare



No but can you imagine how distracting and disconcerting it’d be to go up against someone with a weapon like that

You wouldn’t know where the fuck to look and you’d only figure out which part to focus on when it’s buried in your gut

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